Work, work, work….

Been awhile since I last posted.  Gotta get in the habit of doing that.

Updates….Presently, I have made available three new coloring books with special illustrations of Dachshunds and even Pugs.

I am self publishing them and selling them on

They are great and I hope that everyone who has purchased one likes them as much we do.  We love dogs and art and of course they are a perfect match for me.

Still painting portraits and they are taking up a lot of time lately since Christmas is coming.  Paint, Paint, Paint.

I am working on a couple of new coloring books…each new one gets better and better.  One themed after Labradors…several of my friends have them…..and the other will be focusing on Dachshunds again but with disabilities…wheelie dogs and such.  There are other ideas in the works too.

If you have an idea, shoot me a message on Facebook.  ArtByEddy

The coloring books can be found here:

I did present some pieces at recent shows in Lambertville, NJ at the newly reopened Lambertville Hall.  Always good to display paintings there.  Love the exposure.

Until next time!



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