Live on Amazon – First Coloring Book….Hope I didn’t mess this up.

AODC-AmazonJust uploaded my first coloring book to Amazon via CreateSpace….a self publishing platform that allows authors to put their own books out for sale.

Soooo…the formatting went okay….had stumbled on the design of the cover…but worked that out…surprising by using Powerpoint….

Calculating the space needed for the spine of the book was nerve racking and I hope that it works out.  I will find out on Friday…I should be receiving my first proofs of the book.

About this new book….Art of Dachshund Collection:  A Coloring Book for Dachshund Lovers.

This first book is a collection of dachshund illustrations from my previous self-printed/published books and some new ones.  26 illustations that can be colored.  I am offering this book for only $12.99 because the paper thickness isn’t as good as when I self-print them.  I think I will call my self-printed books “artist editions” because they are special and we work very hard to get them made and sending them out.

Ok…just gonna hold my breath until Friday to see what I got myself into.




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